How is Plevin Refund Calculated?

Calculating your ppi Plevin refund

When it comes to understanding Plevin refunds, a key aspect to look at  is how these refunds are calculated. The Plevin case, a landmark ruling in the world of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), has opened a new avenue for claims, particularly focusing on the level of commission charged on PPI policies. This article aims to break down the process of calculating Plevin refunds, providing a clearer picture for those who might be eligible for compensation.

Understanding the Basis of Plevin Refunds

Plevin refunds are based on the commission included in the PPI policy. If the commission exceeded 50% of the PPI cost and wasn’t disclosed to the customer, the extra amount can be claimed back. This rule comes from a Supreme Court decision that revealed undisclosed high commissions created an unfair relationship between the lender and the consumer.

The Calculation Process

Determining the Commission Percentage: The first step in calculating a Plevin refund is to determine what percentage of your PPI policy cost was actually commission. This information can usually be obtained from the lender or from the original policy documents.

Calculating the Excess Commission: Once you know the commission percentage, the next step is to establish how much of this was over the 50% threshold. For example, if the commission was 70% of the cost of your PPI, then 20% (70% – 50%) is considered excessive.

Applying the Excess to the Amount Paid: The excess percentage is then applied to the total amount you paid for the PPI. So, if you paid £1,000 for PPI, and 20% of that is considered an unfair commission, you would be eligible to claim back £200 (20% of £1,000).

Typical Range of Plevin Claims

The compensation amount for PPI claims differs among individuals, depending on PPI payments and commission percentages. Refunds can vary widely, typically ranging from £300 to £20,000. This broad range shows that, for some, the Plevin ruling can result in significant financial compensation

Financial Transparency

The Plevin ruling has led to substantial compensation for those who purchased PPI policies with undisclosed high commissions. Knowing how Plevin refunds are calculated can help you estimate your potential compensation. If you think you have a valid claim, gather the necessary documents and consider seeking professional advice to ensure an accurate assessment and processing of your claim. At Your Claim Matters, our experts have years of experience in Plevin claims and can take the stress out of the process by claiming on your behalf as well as advising on how much you could be owed. Understanding how the Plevin ruling works and claiming what you’re rightfully owed, not only helps you but also shows why it’s crucial for financial dealings to be transparent, making things fairer for everyone.

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