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The financial institutions such as banks and finance companies continue to disregard the rules at the cost of people for their own profits. We are championing the rights of people and helping them to claim what is rightfully theirs.

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  • We pride ourselves in getting back what is rightfully yours, and we will do everything we can to re-claim any mis-sold products your lender may have added to your account, or any tax refunds that you are owed!
  • Your Claim Matters is a well-established Claims Management Company with many years of experience of financial mis-selling claims.
  • Having spent years building up very close working relationships with many lenders and other financial institutions we have developed highly detailed processes to take the hassle out of the claims process.
  • You’ll find our team to be professional, courteous, and friendly.
  • You only need to provide us with a few key details, and then we’ll do the rest. It really couldn’t be any simpler!


Your Claim Matters is a professional claims management company that prides itself in reclaiming any money from financial institutions that could have mis-sold financial products to you.

Telling HMRC about your relationship

What’s the Impact of the PPI Scandal?

The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal has left a lasting impact on the UK financial world. The scandal, which broke out over a decade ago, involved banks and other financial institutions mis-selling PPI policies to millions of customers. These policies were meant to cover loan

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PPI Plevin success rates

How Successful are Plevin PPI Claims?

In recent years, the rules for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims have changed due to the Plevin ruling. This ruling has introduced a new dimension to PPI claims, focusing on the issue of undisclosed high commissions. As individuals across the UK consider pursuing Plevin claims,

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Calculating your ppi Plevin refund

How is The Plevin Refund Calculated?

When it comes to understanding Plevin refunds, a key aspect to look at  is how these refunds are calculated. The Plevin case, a landmark ruling in the world of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), has opened a new avenue for claims, particularly focusing on the level

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Claim your PPI Plevin compensation

Can You Still Claim for PPI?

Are you looking for a quick way to recover funds that you might have lost in the past? Then, checking if you ever took out Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) might have crossed your mind. PPI, often mis-sold by various financial institutions over the years, can

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Checking the small print

How to Check Financial Small Print

When it comes to financial agreements, whether it’s a new credit card, a loan, or a mortgage, the small print often becomes a blur of terms and conditions that many of us admittedly gloss over. We’re usually in a hurry to get to the exciting

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Image shows a Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Documents with 'scam' written across the front.

Financial Scam – Basic Protection Tips

Your Guide to Avoiding Misleading Financial Practices In the world of money matters, some bad practices have hurt many people, leaving them struggling to get back what they lost. One example is the PPI scandal, where people were mis-sold buying unnecessary insurance known as ‘payment

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What Is Plevin PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was a financial product commonly sold alongside loans, credit cards, and other financial arrangements. Its purpose was to provide repayment coverage in case borrowers encountered difficulties such as illness, job loss, or financial constraints. However, numerous individuals found themselves victims of

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Image of a woman using their laptop and credit card to make purchases online.

Who is to blame for Plevin PPI?

The Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) scandal is one of the largest financial mis-selling controversies in history, affecting millions of consumers in the United Kingdom. While the initial focus was on the mis-selling of PPI policies, another aspect emerged known as Plevin PPI. This blog post

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Image of someone using a laptop and credit cards to make purchases online.

What type of purchases could have been involved with Plevin PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was once widely sold alongside loans, mortgages, and credit cards, promising to protect borrowers in case they couldn’t make repayments due to unforeseen circumstances. However, a significant scandal erupted when it was revealed that millions of PPI policies were mis-sold to

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